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At Constructive Loans, we believe there is a better way to invest in real estate — a more valuable, less invasive way where we as a lender provide an easy process, competitive pricing, and expansive programs.

At Constructive, we all come to work every day because we want to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients in order to help them achieve their financial goals. We focus on Fix-and-Flip and Rental Loans, and believe that caring about the success of our clients and their individual deals is what sets us apart.

Constructive’s leadership team draws on decades of experience, across industries, to chart the course for the future of private lending. Our concentration on speed, flexibility, price, and reliability will help you, as an investor, move at a faster and more consistent rate than your competitor.

Constructive Loans gets its name from the Latin origin constructus, meaning “put together the parts in their proper place and order.” This is precisely how we are able to help you thrive: by putting in a proper place all of the parts that make up a successful funding deal.

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We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients through investing in our team

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Managing Director

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Senior Vice President

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