This is a long time relationship now. Call it a marriage. As long as those guys are there, I’m here.

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A look back on a great few days in Miami Beach at Information Management Network (IMN)’s SFR Forum (East).


 February 27, 2023


Ben Fertig, Constructive’s President, is the featured guest on the latest edition of the Lender Lounge podcast with Kevin Kim. Ben talks with Kevin about the inception of Constructive Capital, and he provides his unique perspective on the private lending industry. With the current market volatility, he and Kevin also discuss how Constructive Capital has managed to navigate and thrive in such challenging times.

Click Here to listen to the Lender Lounge podcast.

November 22, 2022


Matt Longwell is a Commercial Loan Closer with Constructive Capital. He directs the closing process, working with Closing Agents, Client Partners and our Internal Team. This interaction with Team members, both internal and external, is what Matt likes the most about his role–that and the fast pace!
A valued Team member, Matt has 30+ years of retail and wholesale lending experience, and in multiple roles, including originations, underwriting and funding. He enjoys working for Constructive and looks forward to continued growth and success.
Currently residing in Park City, Kansas, Matt also is an amateur billiards player, and loves training his Cane Corso puppy.

November 17, 2022


The Constructive Capital Team earned the 2022 NATIONAL LENDING EXPERTS (NLE) LEADERSHIP AWARD. The award was presented to Alex Offutt, Constructive’s Managing Director, at the NLE Conference in Tampa.

November 16-17


Tampa, FL

We look forward to National Lending Expert’s conference in Tampa, November 16-17 as part of our commitment to our industry. Set-up a time to meet with us in Tampa.

October 19-21


Las Vegas, NV

The Team at Constructive Capital is looking forward to the American Association of Private Lenders conference, Oct 19-21 in Las Vegas. We will be presenting Capital Stability in a Rising Rate Environment on October 20, and will share more on how we continue to be the leading provider of wholesale financing for Business Purpose Loans. We look forward to seeing you there!

September 29, 2022


Eamon Moran is Constructive Capital’s Loan Processing Team Lead. He is a continuous learner, and perhaps what he likes most about his role is furthering his knowledge working with both Clients and Team members in all aspects of real estate and lending.
Speaking of continuous learning, Eamon has two degrees–one in Business Administration and Management and one in Applied Sciences and Law. Further, he plans to earn an MSBA in Cloud Computing and Data Analytics.
Currently residing in Brookfield, IL, Eamon was previously with JP Morgan Chase as a Mortgage Loan Processor. He looks forward to working with you!

September 29, 2022


Terri Antonson is a Director of Business Development at Constructive Capital. She enjoys her role at Constructive and especially working with her Broker partners and helping them to be more successful when leveraging Constructive’s product solutions and top-rated Team.
Prior to being part of the Constructive Team, Terri spent 15 years as a Development Director in the non-profit sector following her BA from Eastern Washington University. Currently residing in Spokane, Washington, Terri enjoys the great outdoors and activities–hiking, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, traveling, and even creative cooking. Terri can assist with all your Investment Property needs.

September 15, 2022


Zach Papermaster is an Operations Coordinator here at Constructive Capital. He is one of our newer Team members overall, having been with the company for 9 months. Zack enjoys his Operations role on the Team, and with his breadth of responsibilities, he gets involved with a variety of new projects.  Prior to being at Constructive, Zach worked in customer relations and sales for an energy drink company. He currently resides in Dallas, loves it, and has no plans to leave. In his free time, Zach enjoys working out and catching up on his favorite shows.

September 15, 2022


Felix Manzanares is an Investor Loan Consultant here at Constructive Capital. He is an experienced Loan Consultant as he has been in the Mortgage Industry since 1997 following his Marketing Associate Degree from ISUM in Caracas, Venezuela. Felix enjoys the business, and probably the favorite part of his job is helping clients accomplish their financial goals and dreams!
Felix currently resides in Tampa, FL, and outside of work he really enjoys a variety and different sports and exercise, especially tennis.

September 12, 2022


Congratulations to Tess Siwa, SVP Operations, on being a Finalist for the Five Star 2022 Authentic Leader Award! As part of her nomination, Tess said, “You Manage Things; You Lead People! The most valuable element in business is the People…”

September 7, 2022


Orlando, FL

The Team at Constructive Capital is looking forward to NAMMBA CONNECT, September 15-17, at the JW Marriott Bonnet Creek in Orlando. Sheronda Oliver, Jonathan Allen and Jefferson Drada will be at our booth for the event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

August 2, 2022

Geraci Captivate

Las Vegas, NV

The Team at Constructive Capital is looking forward to presenting Stability in Capital and Execution in a Rising Rate Environment on August 22, 2022 at Geraci Captivate 2022. Meet us there. 

July 25, 2022


We are excited to welcome recent new hires Lakeysha Hightower and Raul Botelho to the Team at Constructive Capital.

July 20, 2022


Las Vegas, NV

Constructive Capital will be co-sponsoring and attending the Women in Private Lending Reception at Geraci Captivate on August 21 in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there.

July 11, 2022


We are excited to welcome new members Jonathan Allen and John Riedas to the A Team at Constructive Capital.

June 22, 2022


Constructive Capital has been nominated for the Geraci Captivate 2022 Lender of the Year award. We are so grateful for this opportunity to continue being the leading national provider of DSCR capital. We would like to thank all of our clients and partners for their continued faith and commitment to us over the months and years.

May 10, 2022

IMN Single Family Rental Forum (East)

Miami, FL

Constructive is so excited to be heading to Miami this week for the Information Management Network (IMN) Single Family Rental Forum East! Don’t miss Ben Fertig give his intellectual insight on the Latest Financing Terms, Rates, & Availability for the SFR, BFR, and Fix & Flip Markets!

If you have not yet booked a meeting with Constructive, reach out to Benn Jackson, Kyle Concannon, Alex Offutt, Robert Kang, or Ashley Jackway today! We look forward to seeing everyone this coming week!

April 19, 2022


Meet Ashley Jackway, Sales Marketing Manager and Director of Business Development for Constructive. Ashley wears many hats for Constructive, currently head of our marketing department while also supporting our business development team. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, horses, and cows; and also planning her wedding. 

April 5, 2022

Geraci Innovate

April 11-12, 2022

Constructive Capital is headed to Geraci Innovate 2022 in Newport Beach, CA. Ben Fertig is speaking on a panel on “How to Scale a 30-Year Product in a Bridge World”. Constructive is also co-sponsoring the Women in Private Lending reception on April 11.

If you would like to connect, reach out to Alex Offutt, Robert Kang, Stuart Dubrier, or Ashley Jackway to schedule a meeting!

We look forward to seeing you there.

March 22, 2022


Meet Kelsey Hawkins, who is a Director of Business Development at Constructive. Following 10 years in banking as a mortgage lender and branch manager, Kelsey joined our Team wanting to further her career in mortgage lending and focusing more on investment properties. She currently resides in Edwardsville, IL and spends time with her family and watching her children play sports.

March 3, 2022


Meet Benn Jackson, who is a Sr Director of Business Development at Constructive. He was recently promoted to this role where he has taken on the additional responsibility of building and managing his own team. In addition to prior experience in the industry, Benn has owned and operated a number of rental properties for 10+ years, has done a few rehab projects, and he is a licensed real estate broker in IL. Benn and his wife reside in Chicago, and in his spare time enjoys playing with his two dogs, cooking and traveling.

February 22, 2022

Invest Like a Woman Conference Series

Knoxville, TN

Constructive Capital is headed to Invest like a Woman conference series in Knoxville on February 26, 2022. Tai-Rebecca Cotton and Ashley Jackway will be there.

February 16, 2022


Tess Siwa is Senior Vice President in charge of Operations for Constructive Capital. Tess received her introduction to business purpose lending working with Ben Fertig at Jordan Capital, and rejoined Ben over 3 years ago at Constructive. She has over 30 years of residential mortgage lending experience with various leadership capacities in sales, processing, underwriting, closing, post-closing, vendor management and asset management. Residing in Bensenville, IL, Tess enjoys outdoor activities and exploring new places with friends and family when she is not working.

February 10, 2022


Scottsdale, AZ

It was a privilege to be a sponsor for the Women in Private Lending Event held at Flemings in Scottsdale during the National Lending Experts Conference. The women in attendance are all All-Stars in the Private Lending Industry.

February 8, 2022


Robert Kang is a Senior Director on our Team. He has 14 years of experience in finance and real estate, and he is part of the positive impact that Constructive Capital is having in the business purpose lending industry. Prior to Constructive, he oversaw all sales and business development at Toorak Capital. Rob currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, where he is pursuing his private pilot’s license in his spare time.

February 3, 2022


Scottsdale, AZ

Constructive Capital is heading to NLE Leverage Feb 7th-8th at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort and Villas in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Constructive will be making some exciting announcements at NLE about new product offerings for 2022, so please stop by their booth on Tuesday at the event or contact Alex Offutt to set up a time to meet in Scottsdale!

January 31, 2022


Constructive Loans is evolving into Constructive Capital.

Consistent with our relentless obsession to empower our Partners and Clients, this natural evolution gives us more opportunities to further support our Partners and Clients with enhanced product offerings and funding options to fuel their growth. Same great Team. Same great Efficiency. Same great Service. It’s Time for a Constructive Conversation.

January 25, 2022


Orlando, FL

We would love to have a Constructive Conversation with you in Orlando, FL at FAMP Broward-Gold Coast Chapter! Swing by the booth on February 2nd to build a Constructive Relationship with Ashley Jackway while you’re there!

January 10, 2022


Constructive Loans is proud to announce our Employees of the Year for 2021. It was an amazing year at Constructive Loans with so many making extraordinary contributions.   

Kyle Concannon, Senior Director of Business Development  

Matt Longwell, Senior Loan Closer

Congratulations to Kyle and Matt on their awards!

December 17, 2021


Christopher Martinez is a member of our Pre-Funding QC Team, where he is responsible for ensuring that loans are adhering to Constructive’s strict quality control requirements. He currently resides in Dallas, TX, where he enjoys hiking and working out. In his early years, Chris trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for 10 years and was a renowned DJ in the Dallas club circuit.

December 8, 2021


Darryl Shelton is the Vice President of Lending for Constructive Loans, managing the daily operations and loan production for our Inside Sales Team. Darryl has been in mortgage loan originations leadership for 20 years. He now resides in Plainfield, IL and in his spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends and family and also occasionally working out.

November 29, 2021



Constructive is heading to Scottsdale, AZ for the Information Management Network (IMN) Conference next week! Along with our sponsorship of this event, we are excited to have 3 of our team members featured on 3 different panels during the Conference — Ben Fertig, Alex Offutt and Kyle Concannon. We look forward to seeing you there.

September 7, 2021


Sheronda Oliver started as an account manager and was promoted to leading a team before joining Constructive Loans. In her current role, Sheronda provides creative financing options that help investors expand their real estate portfolios. Sheronda shares her live with 5 children and 2 dogs and is celebrating her 18th wedding anniversary. In her spare time she loves to read, dance, and skate.

August 6, 2021



We are excited to participate in the Institutional Capital panel at Geraci LLP’s upcoming Captivate conference, taking place August 18-20 in Las Vegas. Captivate will bring together lenders, brokers, investors, service providers, and more for top-notch networking and education opportunities. For more info and tickets, visit:

August 5, 2021


Our first DOTW of August is from Geri Filipov who worked with an experienced investor on his third property in Lake Forest, Illinois. This stunning two-story brick home in the north shore suburb had an as is price of $670,000 and following the investment of $125,000 in rehab costs the subject saw its ARV soar to $1 million!

Brokers and investors return to Constructive Loans time and again because they know we believe that their success is our success.

Speed. Competitive Pricing. Service. That’s the Constructive Advantage.

July 30, 2021


Michelle Dellinger graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a degree in accounting in 2002. She immediately began working in the real estate industry and has been involved in commercial real estate lending ever since. Michelle currently serves as Constructive Loans’ Director of Credit. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family around the pool or at the baseball field.

July 21, 2021


This DOTW is from Kyle Concannon and shows how we help our clients with their residential real estate investments in ways beyond our great rates and terms. We were all set to finalize a deal on a $1 million property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a 30-year fixed rate of 4.25%. Then just two days before closing we learned the borrower’s existing insurance provider couldn’t provide the proper coverage.

That’s when we stepped into high gear and contacted David Gross with our affiliate Constructive Insurance to see if they could make it happen. David and his team were able to provide a policy that met our requirements and saved the deal and none of it would have happened without our in-house lending and insurance expertise. This Deal of the Week saw yet another happy borrower and is just one more example of what we can do for our borrowers and brokers that others can’t.

Speed. Flexibility. And Solutions. That’s the Constructive Advantage.

July 9, 2021


Lots to look forward to in Miami, including panels with Ben Fertig and Alex Offutt!

#SFR #DSCR #rentalproperty #investinginrealestate #miami

July 7, 2021


This first DOTW of July is a hot one from the Bronx, New York. The borrower was looking do a Cash-Out Refinance of a property appraised at $1,025,000, with an LTV of 65%. The existing loan payoff was $340,965 and the borrower received a new low rate of 4.375%. Sheronda Oliver and the rest of the team made this happen in a few short weeks putting our trademark speedy process and creative solutions into full effect for our clients. Flexible Options. Creative Solutions. And a Speedy Process. That’s the Constructive Advantage.

June 30, 2021


In the latest DOTW is from Brandon Harrington who helped an experienced General Contractor and Real Estate Agent fulfill a longtime goal of becoming a real estate investor in her own right. This client had assisted many of her own clients with their projects but until now never really had the time to get into the space for herself.

Our client found a great deal that she did not want to pass up and we were able to help finance the Flip. We walked the borrower through the financial requirements and even assisted with plans and permits. We were able to approve financing quickly on a very profitable project below 45% ARV LTV! Turning investment goals into reality – that’s the Constructive Advantage.

June 29, 2021


Alan Tiongson has over 16 years in investment property rehab lending with roles in origination, credit analysis, processing, underwriting, developing/overseeing lending operations, servicing, and portfolio/asset management. Prior to joining the Constructive team, Alan was the Director of Servicing & Asset Management with Finance of America Commercial. At Constructive, he oversees the secondary marketing & asset management teams – maintaining relationships with investors, as well as the overall performance of the portfolio. Alan graduated from Loyola University Chicago and lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two children. Before starting a family Alan was a musician in his spare time, playing at venues including the Hard Rock Café & the House of Blues.

June 23, 2021


This DOTW comes from Gergana Filipov and is proof positive that Constructive Loans has returned to the multi-family lending space in a big way. Our client purchased this 10-unit property in the Gresham neighborhood on Chicago’s far south side for a purchase price of $452,000 at 5.75% with an LTV of 75% and a 1.92 DSCR. The project also benefited from our trademark speedy process with the funding sent in less than 30 days. Great work by Gergana and the rest of the team!

At Constructive we believe that caring about the success of our clients and their individual deals is what sets us apart. We all come to work every day because we want to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients in order to help them achieve their financial goals. That’s the Constructive Advantage.

June 10, 2021


This latest DOTW is from Annette Montesano who closed not one but TWO loans in lightning fast time – 4 days from underwriting approval to clear to close. One of the hallmarks of working with Constructive Loans is speed. And when we say we can close your loan in 2 weeks or less we mean it! That’s one reason why brokers and investors love working with us. It’s not just because we have simplified the process, but also because our teammates like Annette know exactly what brokers need so they can get funding for their client’s residential real estate investment projects as quickly as possible. That’s the Constructive Advantage.

June 2, 2021


This DOTW is from Kyle Concannon and it’s a perfect example of how adaptive and solution-focused Constructive Loans can be when needed. It’s a mega-deal from an experienced rental property investor who will also be sending us another multi-pack of properties to close on this month. The origination partner and the Constructive team overcame numerous obstacles to close before the lender was set to charge another expensive extension fee to the borrower. The day before the closing we realized the existing lender was off by $600,000 on the payoff statement. Our team evaluated the situation, regrouped, and reset the loans to close on schedule. Not only were the financials on this deal great for the borrower but our service and attention to detail shows how we go above and beyond for our clients to help them reach their investment goals.

  • 14 properties (2 units, single family homes, and condos)
  • $3MM total loan amount
  • 4.375% 30 year fixed loans

That’s the Constructive Advantage.

May 21, 2021


Lamont Jones is an Underwriting Manager at Constructive Loans focusing on directing underwriting goals and training new and existing underwriters to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. Lamont came to Constructive in May of 2020, but has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years, with the last five spent in the commercial lending space. In his spare time Lamont produces music in his very own studio and has a particular love of hip hop. Lamont also coached basketball at younger levels, which is where he honed his passion for working with a team and making sure those under him have the skills and preparation necessary for success.


Geraci Captivate
August 18–20, 2021
The Cosmopolitan
Las Vegas, NV

August 20–22, 2021
Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas, NV

Habitat for Humanity of Florida State Conference
September 13–15, 2021
The Shores Hotel and Spa
Daytona Beach, FL

Five Star Conference and Expo
September 19–21, 2021
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Dallas, TX

National Lending Experts Leverage San Diego
September 28, 2021
Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
La Jolla, CA

Pitbull Conference
October 16–18, 2021
Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa
Austin, TX