Fix and Flip Loan

Flexible Short-term Financing for Your Acquisition, Fix and Flip, or Refinance Needs

If you’re the kind of person who can look at a property and see its potential, then Constructive Loans is the company to work with. We help savvy investors like you get the money you need to buy, fix, and flip a property for a profit. For fix-and-flip loans, get in touch. We’re based in the Chicago, IL, area, but we serve investors nationwide, and we’re ready to offer people like you smart investment property loans to help you get started.

How It Works

Our lending guidelines are straightforward and clear: if you want to fix and flip a property, you need to talk to one of our Loan Officers through our website or by phone. We’ll speak with you to assess your needs, and we’ll assess the potential of the property you have in mind. If we can verify your estimate of the property’s potential worth after you’ve improved it, we’ll offer you fix-and-flip financing so that you have the cash in hand to buy the property. We base our calculations for our short-term fix-and-flip loans off the property’s value, not on your finances. You won’t have to provide verification of your income or employment status, and we welcome all types of investors, from the experienced to newcomers. We make getting your loan as easy as possible.

How to Start

The Constructive Loans team has originated over 10,000 loans from our offices in Tempe, AZ, Farmers Branch, TX, and the Chicago, IL, area. We pride ourselves on being reliable fix-and-flip lenders with a variety of products to suite every potential investor. When you’re looking for hard money lenders, get in touch with us. Call us at (833) 250-7634 to speak with a loan officer or get started online. We look forward to doing business with you and helping you on your way.

Fix and Flip Loan Features

660 Minimum FICO

Up to 85% LTC

After-Repair Values (ARV) up to 70%

Loan Terms for 12–18 Months

1–4 Units

Maximum Loan Amount Per Project Up to $2 Million