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The Constructive team draws on decades of experience to chart the course for the future of private lending. Our focus on speed, flexibility, price, and reliability sets us apart from the competition and helps our brokers and their clients achieve their financial goals. 

Client Success
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Success is First

Client success is our top priority at Constructive Capital. We understand that real estate investors value reliability and speed when selecting a capital partner. As the industry leader in providing permanent financing solutions for real estate investors, we are dedicated to meeting our clients' needs. We recognize that the relationships between private investors, brokers, and lenders are vital. Our mission is to help our clients meet their financial goals while safeguarding and enhancing these crucial relationships.


Protecting Relationships Drive Success

At Constructive Capital, we recognize that relationships between private investors, brokers, and lenders are the lifeblood of our industry. Our goal is to offer solutions that not only meet the needs of all parties involved but also strengthen and preserve these vital connections. At Constructive Capital, we are committed to fostering trust and promoting success within the industry.

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Core Values
Reliability & Speed

Core Values Define Us

At Constructive Capital, our core values define who we are as a company. We believe in excelling under any market conditions, and we are constantly striving for success. By offering diversified products and capital sources, we provide our clients with a wide range of options to help them meet their financial goals and promote their success in any market environment.

Photo of a business meeting
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Reliability and Speed are Key

When it comes to choosing a capital partner, reliability and speed are paramount for real estate investors. At Constructive Capital, we pride ourselves on delivering both. Our reputation as an industry leader is built on providing fast and dependable financing solutions. With industry-leading turn times, we consistently fund 85% of approved wholesale applications within 20 days. When you work with Constructive Capital, you can rely on us to provide the capital your investors need to seize investment opportunities.


Constructive Leadership

Ben Fertig_Headshot

Ben Fertig


Tess Siwa headshot

Tess Siwa

Senior Vice President, Operations

Kim Landano_Headshot

Kim Landano

Vice President, Operations

Paul Glover Headshot

Paul Glover

Chief Financial Officer

Jen Tinimbang headshot

Jennifer Tinimbang

Operations Support Manager

Alan Tiongson_headshot.jpg

Alan Tiongson

Vice President, Secondary Marketing & Asset Mngmt.

Carlos Rodriguez headshot.png

Carlos Rodriguez

Vice President of Wholesale

Benn Jackson headshot

Benn Jackson

Senior Director, Business Development

Michael Fuller Headshot_Resized_edited.j

Michael Fuller

Senior Director, Business Development

Kyle Concannon Headshot

Kyle Concannon

Senior Director, Business Development

Tiffaney Mason headshot

Tiffaney Mason

Director, Business Development

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