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Stable Capital with our Lines of Credit

Constructive Capital provides your investors with accessible capital through our lines of credit for a variety of investment property projects.  

Photo of external home repairs



Up to 90%

Up to 70%


Up to $2.5M


Minimum FICO


After-Repair Values (ARV) 


Per Property Loan Amount

Maximum Line of Credit Exposure

Your qualified clients won't have to provide verification of income or employment status, and we work with brokers with all types of investor clients, from the experienced to newcomers. We make getting their loan as easy as possible.

How It Works

Capital Access for Your Investors Current and Future Investment Properties.

Constructive Capital provides wholesale solutions for your clients' ongoing investment property needs with a flexible line of credit. 


Our lines of credit can provide a steady source of capital for your investors both today and in the future.

Easy Process

Constructive’s straight forward application, underwriting and funding process can provide your investors with peace of mind.

Price Leadership

Your investors can maximize their return with our competitively priced line of credit solution. 

For those who plan to fix and flip multiple homes at once or in succession, a line of credit may be the best option for them. Lines of credit can finance a current remodeling project, then allow the investor to pay down the line with revenue from the sale, and then use the line of credit again to finance their next remodel. Because flipping houses continues to grow, we understand that flippers need creative options for investing. Whether it’s only minimal repairs to get a house on the market or handle project management complications, we have the line of credit solutions.

Why Choose a Line of Credit?

Summer House

Other Capital Solutions

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