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Flexible Fix and Flip Capital Solutions

Constructive Capital provides flexible financing solutions to your investors who may be purchasing distressed properties, doing upgrades, or even multi-unit opportunities.

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Up to 90%

Up to 75%




Minimum FICO


After-Repair Values (ARV) 

Month Loan Terms

Units for SFR / Townhomes / Condos

Maximum Loan Amount Per Project

Your qualified clients won't have to provide verification of income or employment status, and we work with brokers with all types of investor clients, from experienced to newcomers. We make getting their loan as easy as possible.

How It Works

We provide your investors with flexible, short-term financing for fix and flip strategies. Our lending guidelines are straightforward and clear: we focus on the property, not the investors. If you want to fix and flip a property, complete our online contact form or give us a call to speak with one of our Loan Officers.

Property Selection

Our Account Executive will speak to you to assess the potential of the property your investor has in mind and help determine the investor’s needs. We welcome all types of investors, from experienced to newcomers.


We have a variety of capital solutions for your investors, and a maximum loan amount up to $2.5M per project. Our financing is available for a single family residence, townhomes, condos and multi-unit properties.  


Our underwriting team will base our calculations for our short-term fix-and-flip loans off the property’s value, not your investor's individual finances. Your investor won’t have to provide verification of income or employment status.

The Constructive Advantage

Constructive Capital’s stability and range of loan products can provide the capital solution that will work for your investors. Our unmatched execution will help make the process fast and also less stressful.

In addition, what helps set Constructive apart from the competition is the quality of our Account Executive team. We have dedicated team members who are passionate about what they do and how they perform.

A recent client survey validated their experience and the value we provide.

•    87% said our Account Executives are above average in response times.
•    93% said our Account Executives are above average in product knowledge.
•    87% said our Account Executives are above average in understanding their clients’ businesses.

Products, Pricing, Process and especially our People.

 That’s the Constructive Advantage!


Other Capital Solutions

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