Fix and Flip Line of Credit

Our Lines of Credit Allow You to Acquire and Manage Multiple Projects

Different people enjoy flipping homes for different reasons. Some people enjoy the remodeling and design process, while others enjoy the profit potential offered by the sale of a newly remodeled home. Many people enjoy both. Constructive Loans offers fix and flip credit line options for people who are in the business of fixing and flipping homes. A line of credit offers more flexibility than a loan because it allows you to continue utilizing the same money. If you plan to fix and flip multiple homes, one after another, a line of credit may be a better option for you.

Why Choose a Line of Credit?

Fix and flip credit financing (or rehab loans) from Constructive Loans is a great option if you are planning to fix and sell homes often. You can use the line of credit to finance the remodel, pay off the line with the profits from the sale, and then use the line of credit again to finance your next remodel. Because flipping houses is so popular, we understand that flippers need creative options for investing. We can custom-tailor a finance solution to your needs as you fix and flip homes. Whether you need to do only minimal repairs to get a house on the market or handle project management complications, we have a fix and flip credit line for you.

Why Choose Constructive Loans?

Constructive Loans is dedicated to helping people get the financing they need to invest in real estate and real estate projects. We are based in the Chicago, IL, area and provide financing for properties all over the country. Do you flip homes, or want to get started in this niche market? Contact Constructive Loans today. To speak with a Loan Officer, call (833) 250-7634. You can also fill out our secure form to get started.

Fix and Flip Line of Credit Features

660 Minimum FICO

85% LTC Available to Qualifying Investors

Line Amounts up to $5 Million

After-Repair Values (ARV) up to 70%

1–4 Units